Getting Here

492 Machi Road, Whitethorn, CA 95589

If this is your first time making your way to our Campground, here's some detailed information about the scenic drive ahead:

Nestled at the heart of the Lost Coast beneath the majestic King Range lies Shelter Cove—a charming seaside community. Accessible only by boat, small plane, or a scenic 21-mile drive along a winding mountain road, the journey to reach us adds to the remote charm of the place.

To embark on this adventure, take the Redway/Garberville exit from Hwy 101 and follow Redwood Drive to Briceland Road, turning west towards the coast. Stick to the main road as Briceland Road seamlessly transforms into Shelter Cove Road. Dating back to 1878, this road was initially constructed to link the port of Shelter Cove to the ranches in Garberville. Fear not, it's been upgraded since then, but with its winding paths and occasional steep sections, we recommend taking your time to savor the drive. About a mile in, after crossing the Eel river, you'll encounter the enchanting Whittemore Grove—home to ancient redwoods. Take a moment to slow down and soak in the beauty. 

The road continues its meandering journey through historic towns like Briceland and Whitethorn. As you reach mile 13, you'll enter the Kings Range National Conservancy Area, the nation's first NCA designated in 1970. At mile 16, brace yourself for a downhill section with three 180-degree hairpin turns. Navigate through this stretch with care and soon the road levels out. Around mile 17.5, a truck and trailer route on the right offers an alternative to the short steep section ahead. Keep in mind, though, it may not be as well-maintained, so if you opt for this path, take it slow there's likely a few potholes. 

Upon reaching the crest, the final 3 miles treat you to a breathtaking 2,000-foot descent to the Lost Coast below. With an average grade of 10%, take it easy, use those low gears, and be mindful not to overheat your brakes. If towing a larger RV, ensure your trailer brakes are in top-notch condition—you'll need them here.

Relax and savor the accomplishment as you hit the bottom of the hill. Once you arrive, treat yourself to a well-deserved break at the deli—grab a cold one; you've earned it!