Take a deep breath. Experience nature.                                                                       

The drive out to this remote area is well worth it for those who like to fish, crab, dive for abalone or watch for whales.  Photographers, hikers and nature lovers will have plenty to do as well.  The thick redwood forests surrounding the village are home to bald eagles, Roosevelt elk, black tail deer.....and if you believe the legend, Bigfoot.  The rock shoreline makes Shelter Cove a refuge for seals and sea lions, and it boasts some of the world's richest tide pools. There are picnic areas that offer access to the beach or the rocks below the bluffs. Our rates are as follow:

$56.00 a night for RVs with 2 people.

$46.00 a night for Tents with 2 people 

Each rate is for two people at a site, access to bathrooms, showers and coin operated washer and dryer.  Each site includes a picnic table and fire ring (see note below reference firewood). 

NOTE: State ordinance DOES NOT ALLOW firewood that is NOT purchased locally. Therefore, we sell bundles of firewood on site for your convenience.  Anyone caught burning firewood that was not locally sourced will be fined.   

During our busy season, we suggest that you call for reservations and for more information regarding the rates and what they include.  Our numbers are listed on our Contact page, our Facebook page and on Instagram.                                                                                      

                                                                      Most of wording on website quoted from 101 Things To Do

The Lost Coast

In the 1920's, when they built the Coast Highway in Northern California, engineers decided a stretch of coast from Northern Mendocino County through the King Range in Humboldt County was too rugged for a road.  Thus, this expanse of magnificent coastline was soon isolated and became known as the "Lost Coast".

Diverse wildlife within reach

We are home to many deer that like to hang out in the campground and on the golf course.  We also have bald eagles, osprey, and foxes.  Not to mention our many sea creatures, such as whales, seals, sea lions, otters and fish of many different species. Take a walk on the beach during low tide and enjoy the many tidepools.  

Highly-valued seaside resort.

The small community of Shelter Cove, on the coast just below King Range, lies at the core of the Lost Coast.  Being cut off from the rest of California has helped Shelter Cove remain a peaceful seaside resort with peerless scenery that is an oasis for outdoor enthusiasts.  

Events and Functions at Shelter Cove Campground.

From May to October we have many different events for those that are looking for something to do.  In May we have our Kayak Conventions and Memorial Day celebration.  May also starts our Campground Karaoke which takes occasionally on Friday night at 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm.  During our holiday celebrations, we have BBQ's with chicken, ribs and fresh oysters. We also offer music for your listening pleasure while you enjoy the beautiful ocean views and the Cape Mendocino lighthouse.  Our campground is literally a two minute walk to the ocean.