Breathtaking views from Wedding Point

Black Sand Beach to the north is deserted and picturesque, with spectacular views of the King Range. 

Although popular lore has it that the black sands are volcanic in origin, in fact they come from dark colored sandstone and older compressed shale.

Hike the King Range and Lost Coast Trail

The King Range National Conservation Area is unlike andy other place in the United States.  Here in this 35 mile long, 68,000 acre stretch of coastal wilderness, the mountains rise directly out of the sea.  King Peak tops out at 4,088 ft and is only 3 miles from the ocean.  

Because of its remoteness and relative inaccessibility, only a few back roads lead into the range.  This Douglas Fir clad wilderness attracts hikers, backpackers, campers, equestrians, mushroom collectors, surfers, anglers, beachcombers, kayakers and abalone divers.  Harbor seals, Steller (northern) sea lions, and a multitude of sea birds inhabit the rocky shoreline; tide pools and kelp beds are their homes. California Gray Whales pass close to the shore during the spring northern migration.  Streams that pour down from the mountains are spawning waters for salmon and trout. We are home to the Roosevelt elk and many migratory birds have been found here, including the northern spotted owl, bald eagle and Coopers hawk.  Black bear and mountain lions prowl these mountains and shoreline.  Bear canisters are required for foods and scented items.


Pacific Ocean Fishing

We are a small fishing community with several species of fish to catch, a place to launch your own boat, if you chose, or for a fee you can have your boat launched.  If you don't have a boat and would like to take a shot at sport fishing, there are several sport fishing companies to choose from.

Shelter cove is one of California's premier ocean fishing destinations. Fisherman come for the salmon, which are found close to the shore June through October. Anglers also catch an abundance of ling cod, rock cod, halibut, albacore and surf perch. The can launch a boat from the cove, which Point Delgado protects from the northwesterly winds. Guests can arrange to charter a boat from a sport fishing business for a guided angling adventure. During crab season you can catch your share of crab.